Trade Show and Exhibit Security

Trade shows and exhibitions where high numbers of excited spectators flood exhibition halls such as at CES every year in Las Vegas are targets of theft.

The Consumers Electronics Show [CES] will have thousands of Tablets, Smartphones, e-Readers and other gadgets on display spotlighting the latest technology from Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, LG and Google. When  expensive consumer electronics are within reach the chance of theft of laptops, wireless devices, smart watches, small LCD TV's and other personal electronics increases dramatically.

RTF provides solutions to manufacturers such as Microsoft as well and exhibition companies as Freeman and supplies loss prevention systems to trade shows around the world.

From Boomerang, a simple and affordable loss prevention system where display merchandise is protected and controlled by a very high bond 3M tape and autocorrected by rare earth magnets to Vise, Trade Show security idea are limitless.

Introducing Display4 in 2014 RTF now brings the recoiler above the counter making installation and  remerchandising simple as well as recoiler and display maintenance.

Link to the iPad or Samsung Tablet configuration above for more information on hardware security solution or contact RTF to learn about electronic and exhibition software solutions such as SmartCircle.


Microsoft and RTF @ CES


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